Met 40% korting naar de Masterclass The Future of HR/Employee Experience van Ben Whitter op 15 juni in Brussel

Ben Whitter,  Founder van het World Employee Experience Institute en schrijver van het veel gelezen artikel Bye Bye Human Resources, geeft op 15 juni een Masterclass in Brussel. Het HappinessBureau geeft 10 kaarten weg met 40% korting: 799 euro in plaats van 1350 euro!  Vul het contactformulier onderaan het bericht in als je hiervan gebruik wilt maken.


How the employee experience is shifting traditional hr & driving a new business agenda

Masterclass with Multi-Award-Winning “Mr Employee Experience’, Ben Whitter

The whole world is talking about employee experience right now and it is very much in the global spotlight; engaging staff, supporting them to perform, and improving Ben-Whitterproductivity all remain crucial things to focus on within organisational life. With more and more companies embracing employee experience approaches, the game is changing, significantly which means traditional HR is shifting.

This highly engaging one-day masterclass will be led by Ben Whitter, a leading figure within HR globally and a key voice on “Employee Experience” thinking worldwide. Ben’s popular HR and Employee Experience thought leadership has been endorsed by the World’s leading organisations and HR figures and is a regular feature, author and commentator within HR media.

Ben will bring his expertise and insights from his critically acclaimed ‘Employee Experience World Tour 2016-17’ to help HR functions and organisations being asked to reform by developing the workplace as an experience. This will take into account everything that affects people from technology to physical infrastructure to leadership.

The new norm for organisations and HR is the creation of employee experiences that matter, are meaningful, and have every part aligned and driving great strategic and operational results.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • What is the right employee experience approach for a particular context?
  • How do you build employee experiences that help deliver superior engagement and performance levels?
  • Where do we start with this from here and now?
  • What does this really mean for senior HR leaders?
Who will Benefit:
  • Senior HR leaders with strategic organisational influence
  • General managers of business units, responsible for implementing HR strategy
Masterclass Outline
  • The 3D Model; reforming the purpose of HR, structurally and psychologically
  • By accident or design? the in context employee experience
  • The digital and data-informed workplace and employee; leading in a Glassdoor World
  • Outside IN; connecting the customer and employee experience
  • The heart & soul of employee experience; transparency and trust

Meer info en dagagenda: klik hier

Ja, ik wil er graag bij zijn! En gebruik maken van het aanbod van het HappinessBureau van 40% korting. Hierdoor betaal ik slechts euro 799  in plaats van euro 1350.


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