How to Deliver an Exceptional Employee Experience

Katie Banks van Nitro Dublin zet vol in op Employee Experience: We translate this into what we call the 3 F’s: ‘The Fundamentals’, ‘The Fringe’, and ‘The Fun’.

If you’ve visited the Nitro blog before, you’ve likely heard us mention our Employee Experience (EX) department, and the fact that we don’t have a traditional HR function. In the words of our COO, Gina O’Reilly, EX “is a global function whose sole responsibility is to help make Nitro the best possible place to work.”

The EX team, which I’m a part of, approaches this task with a laser focus on three critical elements as outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: the ‘must-have,’ the ‘important-to-have,’ and the ‘nice-to-have.’

We translate this into what we call the 3 F’s: ‘The Fundamentals’, ‘The Fringe’, and ‘The Fun’, respectively.

3 f's of nitro employee experience


The Fundamentals
We consider things like competitive salaries, solid benefits offerings, and clearly articulated company vision and values to be fundamental to any job, anywhere.

The Fringe
The fringe encompasses aspects that are important to many employees, but aren’t necessarily offered by every employer—career development opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and gym subsidies, for example.

The Fun
The third ‘F’—fun, is not really something you can prescribe. Telling employees that it’s mandatory to attend the team outing to the Jameson distillery or summertime company picnic really defeats the purpose of trying to make something “fun” to begin with.

However, the EX team feels that providing the opportunity to have fun is critical when asking people to work hard. So while we’re not forcing fun on anyone, we’re certainly encouraging it!

By establishing the 3 F’s as the standard of Employee Experience at Nitro, we’ve articulated what the EX team is striving to provide for every Nitronaut. This has paid off by creating a culture of true engagement and commitment, which in turn yields excellent business results. It’s a win-win for everyone!


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